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Grilled & Broiled Dinners

All Entrees Served with Choice of Two Sides.

Broiled Fisherman’s Platter - $18.99
Fillet of Sole, Sea Scallops, Stuffed Shrimp and a Baked Clam.

Swordfish - $16.99
A Southside Favorite, Lightly Seasoned and Full of Flavor.

Salmon - $15.99
This Fillet is full of Protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Sauteed Sea Scallops - $18.99
Lightly Seasoned Large Sea Scallops.

Stuffed Fillet of Sole - $15.99
Fillet of Sole Stuffed with a Crabmeat Stuffing.

Tilapia - $13.99
Sweet and Tender South American Fillet. Make it Parmesan Crusted - $2.00

Sauteed Shrimp - $14.99
Flavorful Extra Large Shrimp.

Chilean Sea Bass - $23.99
Lightly Seasoned Tendy Flaky Fish.

Cod Fillet
 - $15.99

This Sweet, Flaky Fillet of Fish is Broiled, to Retain its Great Flavor.

Fillet of Sole - $13.99
A Sweet, Delicious New England Favorite.

Tuna - $17.99
Gulfstream Yellowfin Tuna, Great Tasting Fish.

Cajun Catfish Fillet - $14.99
A Southern favorite, Cajun Marinated and Broiled.

Stuffed Shrimp - $15.99
Extra Large Shrimp Stuffed with Crabmeat Stuffing.


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