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Broiled Entrees
Served with a Choice of Two Sides.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Cajun Cat Fish Fillet $19.00 each
A Southern Favorite. Marinated and Broiled with Cajun Seasoning.

Stuffed Fillet of Sole $18.00 each
Filet of Sole Stuffed with Crab and Lobster stuffing.

Cod Fillet $18.00 each
Flaky Filet of Cod Broiled to retain its Great Flavor.

Stuffed Shrimp (4) $18.00 each
Extra Large Shrimp with a Crab Meat Stuffing.

Salmon Fillet $19.00 each
A Succulent Filet That Is Full with Omega-3 Fatty Acids TRY OUR NEW PISTACHIO CRUSTED SALMON!

Fillet of Sole $20.00 each
A Delicious New England Favorite.

Fisherman's Platter $22.00 each
Broiled Filet, Sea Scallops, Two Stuffed Shrimp, and a Baked Clam.

Swordfish $21.00 each
A Southside Favorite that's full of flavored. Style Choices: Regular (Butter and Breadcrumb) NEW Mango Salsa Plain Cajun Salt & Pepper or Teriaki

Grilled or Broiled Shrimp $18.00 each
Choice of Extra Large Grilled Shrimp or Extra Large Broiled Shrimp Lightly Seasoned with Butter and Breadcrumbs.

Tuna $21.00 each
Great Tasting Gulf Stream Yellow Fin Tuna Filet Style Choices: NEW Pineapple Ginger Regular (Butter and Breadcrumbs) Teriaki Plain Salt&Pepper Cajun

Sea Scallops $22.00 each
Lightly Seasoned Atlantic Sea Scallops

Bronzino $19.00 each
Mediterranean Sea Bass Fillet.

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